CHEF MEL is serving up a selection of her recipes, in-house TV and media events for you to share, enjoy and to inspire and motivate you in the kitchen so that you'll surely get you a round of applause the next time you cook a meal, you'll be happy in the kitchen in no time!


3 Wild Ways with eggplant…

3 Wild Ways with an Eggplant   I remember growing eggplants as a child in Zimbabwe. We had the best vegetable garden on the farm; it was full of artichokes, eggplants and all sorts of deliciousness, but I think the colour of eggplants is what drew me to them....


3 Wild ways with cauliflower

3 Wild Ways with a Cauliflower Cauliflower is just so very popular at the moment you just HAVE to know how best to cook it.  It’s not always the cheapest vegetable, but if you can’t get it fresh, I sometimes use the frozen cauliflower and it’s not too bad.   3...

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