CHEF MEL is serving up a selection of her recipes, in-house TV and media events for you to share, enjoy and to inspire and motivate you in the kitchen so that you'll surely get you a round of applause the next time you cook a meal, you'll be happy in the kitchen in no time!


Secrets of a Happy Chef

5 Reasons you hate cooking…and how to fix that. I hear it so often.  'I hate cooking'...this is probably why. 1.  Your knives are blunt If your knives are blunt you will not enjoy cooking. It is literally impossible.  It is pointless having an uber sexy and...


The Happy Healthy Chef

NOURISH: IT’S HEALTH AND WELLNESS MONTH July 2017 Guys it’s been a big year, a financial year end that is, and thankfully I’m feeling finished. Finished in a really good way.  Finished in a ‘I couldn’t have fitted anymore in if I tried’ kind of way.  I did it all....

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